Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

if there is any problem with your shirt on arrival we will send you a new replacement shirt. just send us a picture of the damage to the packaging or shirt and we will  send out a new one. we want you to be happy with your purchse.

Do you Ship to the UK or offer Gift Cards

We will ship to the UK however we cannot offer free shipping. we would require an average of 5$ canadian in addition to send shirts to the United Kingdom email for details.

Sorry we are just starting out and so not do not offer gift cards at this time however we will ship to any address provided if you wish to send as a gift.

What are the payment options?

Currently we are accepting payment through e-transfer and paypall as well as through this site with all major cards and online debit accepted. email if you need to find another way to pay:)

Why are you doing this???

I like seeing people happy. Lots of people on byte have wanted this for quite some time. Its about time that someone listened to what the people actually want. Thats it, I just want to give you what you want!!  Peace to Big Daddy @dom thank you for this opportunity and the place we call home:) I still have a shirt for you if you want it:) much love byte fam.